TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language

For foreign universities, there are skilled foreign students who would be the perfect fit for their institution. However, in the years of fifties and sixties, the colleges have observed the lack of determining the intelligence of English language in the non-native speaker students. Despite their hardworking and focused approach towards their subjects, the authorities observed the gap of communication in the students who are not skilled enough. Hence, in 1962, thirty representatives of private and government organization were gathered and became a part of a council. The council then recommended the idea of TOEFL exam to select the students for studying in universities of the USA & in some other countries. Today, after the IELTS, the TOEFL is the major English-language test in the world.

TOEFL is the managed and monitored by Educational Testing Service, also known as ETS. They design the questions, exam pattern, and manage tests. The ETS sends the scorecard of the students to the institutions for two years. That means, your scorecard of TOEFL is valid for two years only.

Depending on your geographical location, the TOEFL would cost you from US$180 to US$300. We believe that this is a hefty investment if you consider this in Indian Currency. Hence, the student has to be well-prepared so he can make it through in his first attempt. With this idea, we are providing productive TOEFL coaching services.

There were three ways through TOEFL exam can be taken. It is TOEFL iBT, PBT and CBT are also known as Internet-Based Test, Paper Based Test, and Computer-based Tests. The iBT (internet based tests is widely used everywhere). PBT (paper-based test) is used where iBT is not possible. CBT (computer-based test) was active few years ago. In 2006, CBT was discontinued and the scores are not valid anymore.

The TOEFL iBT test has a score range of 0 to 120 where there are four sections namely reading, writing, listening and speaking and each receives a score in the range of 0 to 30. iBT is taken at specialized exam centers. For iBT there is a specific check-in procedure also before the exam where your identification process will be done. So, if we take everything into account, the whole exam will take up to 4 hours and 30 minutes.

First two sections are reading and writing followed by a 10-minute break. After the break, a student has to take other two remaining sections speaking and writing.

Test Formats

TOEFL iBT includes:


Reading is the first section of the four. The whole section takes 60 to 80 minutes in total where the student is given 36-65 questions. The section includes 3 or 4 long or short passages. They need to read the passage and answer the question for respective passages.


Listening is the second section. It takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete the whole section that has 34-51 questions. Here there will be recordings given to you and you will be asked to first listen to them and answer the question for respective recordings. The recordings will have monologues, casual conversation, classroom discussions, education speech in a college, etc.

Then comes the 10-minute break for refreshment followed by the remaining sections.


Speaking is the third section. Tough it is the shortest section among, many students find it stressful to perform in this part of the exam. Here the student is asked to speak in English in microphone. They are asked to speak on a topic or a scenario and present their views. They need to express their ideas in a large where filled with other test-takers. This section lasts for 20 minutes and a student is asked to complete 6 tasks.


Writing is the last section. Speaking and writing in a particular language are completely different areas. The way you speak a language, if you put that context in words, it would look absurd, and vice versa. Hence, the student has to be skilled enough to differentiate the medium in which he or she is communicating in English. There is 50 minutes time limit in this section. There will be 2 tasks to be completed in that time frame. A student is asked to write an essay based on reading and listening tasks. They also need to write an opinion as a part of this section.

During the exam, a standard QWERTY keyboard is used for taking the exam. Please note that there might be extra questions in Listening and Reading sections whose score would not be counted.

Keshavam’s Smart Coaching:

At our place, we have experienced faculty members for each type of sections. Hence, you will be trained by the people who are experts in the segment. The logic behind this is in each section there will be certain types of questions. We have been teaching students for the examinations for several years now. Hence, in order to ensure maximum success rate, we have experts for different sections who have mastered a question set thanks to their extensive teaching experience over the years. The team at our place has been constantly thriving in guiding students about the examination and its procedure and helping them to build their and their family’s future. It is a responsibility of us to make no stone unturned when it comes to helping students in TOEFL through teaching, counselling, guiding, etc. We do have a set of mock tests designed as per the actual exam so that our students can have actual experience of the test.


Every nation takes after an alternate arrangement of standards with regards to giving Permanent residency to thair country.

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