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Passport Application

We at Keshavam International have for you the most proficient international ID application process where you don't need to spend any more than would normally be appropriate and get your travel permit in a facilitated environment. Visa applications require various methods, all of which our expert visa consultants are intensely comfortable with. This causes them furnish our customers with the most effective levels of administration on a timely basis.

Applications for passports and related administrations is done on both online or through offline mode. Be that as it may, the process to apply for the passport is currently altogether done on the web and is the considered to be the reliable and best medium too. It saves you time, a lot of time in fact. There are some things which you need to follow if you choose to do it on an offline basis.

The forms of application can be printed/purchased and submitted straightforwardly at Passport Collection Centres like District Passport Cells (DPCs) alongside the required supporting documents along with attested proofs. At times even, walk-ins are allowed with any prior appointments. Be that as it may, the application should first be submitted online and the receipt conveyed to the PSK.

There are various types of passports depending upon your various factors to fly to any foreign country like fresh passport, reissuing passport, tatkal passport, Diplomatic/Official Passport and alien passport. Documents like your residential proofs, Police verification certificate and many more are required when you apply for a passport.

Visa Extension

In the event that you are in need of staying longer in a particular country on a work or traveller visa, you need to experience the important procedure with a specific end goal to get your visa extended. You have to get the consent of the Foreigner's Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs to give you a visa extension.

In typical conditions, the extension of one's visa isn't permitted. Yet, it should be possible in uncommon cases. Visa Extensions are typically supposed to be applied before 15 days preceding the expiry date. To get the visa extension, one need to present original copies of travel and residential documents which include a duplicate of the passport, resident permit, extended employment contract, income tax return, marriage certificate, Pan Card, passport size photos and proof of address.

To extend your visa, you need to have a cover letter which states your reason for staying or visiting longer mentioning your current status. You’d also need to present an undertaking of the company and a certificate of incorporation.

A non-migrant visa is restricted for a specific timeframe just and requires extensions if the stay is to be delayed. This strategy should be led in an opportune manner and can't bear the cost of any deferrals. We ensure that your visa extension goes off easily and does not cause you any issues finally. Every nation has an alternate arrangement of systems for visa extensions, all of which we know about at Keshavam International Pvt Ltd.

Credential Evaluation

The visa application process commands the candidate to present an assortment of documents, where every one of which must be legitimate and verified. Keshavam International Pvt Ltd makes it a point to lead careful qualification assessment for students and candidates planning to travel to another country in order to guarantee their application the most extreme open door for progress. Indeed, even the smallest falsehood on qualifications or absence of data can bring about the application being rejected and can upset future prospects of the application's approval.

With over 195 nations on the planet, and just around 53 of them list English as an official language of communication. Numerous individuals communicate in English as their primary language - and for some, it is their third or fourth!

Regardless of your mother tongue, individuals around the globe endeavour to better themselves through education. They may relocate to various nations and even mainland’s in the quest for an awesome educational career. This decent variety of candidates and their varying education system, there arises a need for a common body to evaluate educational credentials.

This is the point where a credential evaluator is required. They work in a well-planned and organized manner keeping in mind the end goal to serve individuals who have finished part or the majority of their education in their own nation and who are looking for pursuing higher studies in a foreign country. Just in case a student has some doubts or queries related to our evaluation process or is in need of a clarification, we understand and respect their them by coming up with clarifications involving evaluation strategies, methodology and other factors.

Apostille Services

Apostille is basically a stamp on your official documents which ensures that your documents are authenticated. They are issued by the government of the respective country. Keshavam International Pvt Ltd provides professional and authenticated certificate attestation and certificate apostille services. We are equally known for delivering proficient assistance for various document legalization services like police clearance certificate, single status certificate, degree certificate attestation and marriage certificate attestation services. Providing you with an A-Z levelled guidance and assisting you throughout your attestation process of documents, we aim to provide quality and rapid work at competitive rates.

We help you understand the rules and regulations on the Attestation/Apostille/Translation methodology required for document verification. We are an outstanding team of experts to provide client-oriented services. We also assist you with attesting your own, educational documents, business documents by notarizing your commercial documents at SDM, State home office, MEA, embassy office, consulate office and other related offices. We plan to assist you with a one-stop answer for your queries at the cost of minimum risk involvement.

We ensure that each document you send us is appropriately and lawfully prepared from individual government departments be it commercial, business, personal or educational documents. The total task is finished in accordance with the specific need of the client, under given time. We are joined with an idea to give the assistance in a far-reaching manner for all your needs related to certificate attestation & certificate apostille of documents. Our association has shaped trust by conveying Trusted and Secure administrations to our customers.

We constantly experiment with better approaches to create and develop our administration and work on every opportunity that knocks our door, to encourage our clients.

Notary Services

A Notary is a person chosen/delegated by the state government to regulate pledge, acknowledge and provide certification to documents. The seal or stamp of a notary official is important to bear witness to the vow of a man making an oath. They are additionally important to verify that a man has recognized that he/she executed a deed, power of attorney or another document. The Secretary of State of each state names legal notaries for a predetermined term of years. A legal notary official must see proof of identity of those swearing and keep an official diary of documents authorized.

Legal officials are not in charge of the exactness or lawfulness of documents they authenticate. Legal officials guarantee/certify the people who sign. The one who signs is in charge of the content written in the documents.

A Notary may decline to serve individuals just on the off chance that he/she is indeterminate of the one who signs the document or speculates about him being a fraud. Legal officials ought not to decline to serve anybody on account of race, religion, nationality, way of life, or in light of the fact that the individual isn't a customer or client. Discrimination on any premise is not a reasonable policy. A legal official open can't authorize a document that is inadequate or contains spaces.

At Keshavam International Pvt Ltd, we make sure that we assist you regarding the documentation and proofs required to get your notary done on time without any rejections.

Depending upon the visa you have, the documents that require notarization may vary. They might range from Corporate Documents, Deposition, Financial Documents, Health Documents, Insurance Documents, Loan Documents, Parental Consent to Travel, Personal Statements to Real Estate Documents.


Visa interpretation administrations can be required by individuals who are going to a nation where their local language isn't talked. Usually, when you travel to another country which might not have the same language spoken as yours and thus the authorities of another country won’t be able to comprehend with. This is where we come in as translators. This can cause a delay in your visa process and ultimately consumes a lot of your times. Such a situation can cause generous problems in terms of getting things done on time. Also, as a matter-of-fact, the number of people applying for the visa to visit any foreign country is increasing with each day passing by. This increases the workload on officials and thereby due to an overload of work, the visa approval takes longer time than usual. So, visas that are sufficiently difficult to the process have a high shot of being put to backburner or rejected.

This is where our team of translators who are experts in their job comes to your rescue. We have a very qualified and experienced group of visa translation specialists who can decipher any documents that are required while applying for a visa and translate them into whichever language required. We furnish great translation administrations with cutting edge quality confirmation alternatives to guarantee the precision of translations. When you get visa translation administrations from us, you can be guaranteed of low translation cost i.e. at competitive rates and quick conveyance. Truth be told we have a professional team who makes it possible to deliver translated documents before time. We additionally offer translation services to even urgent requirements of yours.

On the off chance that you have to get visa translation administrations you can get that by just dropping by our email address with your requirements. We’d make sure that our team gets in touch with you along with a quote within 24 hours of time.

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Every nation takes after an alternate arrangement of standards with regards to giving Permanent residency to thair country.

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