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Air Ticket

Air ticket is the next phase of the visa approval. It is an electronic record that confirms that a person is authorized to travel by air and entitled a seat on an aircraft. The air ticket is issued by a travel agency or an airline. You cannot board an aircraft if you don’t have the respective air ticket for the same. Your air ticket has necessary information like issuing airline, your name, ticket validity, luggage allowance, ticket number, cost, etc. Thanks to the electronic document you can have a hassle-free travel.

Booking air ticket is a lethargic process. You will have to look for a flight in advance, then check the airfare deal websites in order to save money, visit different aggregator website for multiple airline options, choosing a seat, add insurance, request special accommodation and a provision in case you are travelling with your pets or require a specific medical assistance due to any health issues or anything else.

You need to make sure that the airline is allowing luggage allowance, vaccinations, food and beverages and other amenities. Booking a ticket requires a lot many efforts and accuracy because it is a bit different than the regular ticket booking. A genuine air ticket consultant can be of a great help in such cases. Their thorough experiences with different airlines can help you get rid of the tension of booking an ideal ticket. You just need to share what do you want in your air-travel and they will give you multiple options to choose from.

As soon as you get your visa, we begin our endeavour of booking the best flight for you. We attempt to bring you the most lucrative ticket options from various aircraft carriers. Every airline has different rates, different perks, norms, luggage allowance, etc. It is imperative that since you are travelling, there might be excessive luggage that should not bother your overall experience. Hence, we hunt the best airline for you that allow maximum luggage allowance to have a decent journey.

If you pre-plan your travel with us, we will be able to land you an early-bird ticket which is more cost-effective then the regular ones. Hence, you have a chance to save the decent amount of cost there.


Traveling is an experience of a lifetime. Travelling gives you a getaway to new opportunities of life. Whether you are on leisure travel or a business travel, the complete journey opens a new dimension to your overall being. It will be full of memories that you would cherish your whole life. It is a process of relaxing and rejuvenate altogether. Start from applying for visas, booking air ticket, getting suitable accommodations, every aspect of traveling has to be planned meticulously in order to ensure a travel filled with joy and comfort. However, you cannot ignore the fact that booking luxurious hotels and the best airline does not guarantee a successful travel. There are other unforeseen conditions that you should not ignore while traveling. Sickness, accidents, and urgency of other medical assistance might arise while you are away.

Medication expenses at the international destinations are exorbitant and you should include these precautions for a safe journey. Medical expenditure abroad will jeopardize your whole travel plan not only financially but also psychologically. So it is recommended that you go for a trusted travel insurance agent for complete protection. As you are spending a long time abroad, we understand the sincerity of travel insurance. We arrange a complete travel insurance for you that covers every potential medical and theft conditions that might occur. Our options for travel insurance will cover your health protection regardless of the type of your traveling like multi-trip, business trip or leisure trip, etc.

If you are traveling in a group, our plan also covers your companions of different age groups such as senior citizens, toddlers, adults, kids, etc. If you are on a student visa then you can also have certain plans that last up to a couple of hours. So, you don’t have to worry about your medical expenses for a couple of years abroad. Luggage security is also important as you will be carrying important documents, expensive gadgets and other miscellaneous things with you. So if the luggage is lost in another country then you should avoid indulging in their tedious police inquiry and go for a travel insurance.

Foreign Exchange

Capital is important for survival. Whatever you do throughout the day, the end goal is to earn money and survive. As you are moving to another country which has a different government, different rules and regulations; the form of currency will also change. You need foreign currency in order to function your lifestyle at the new place. Paying bills for fuels, foods, lodging, and boarding require decent cash flow.

You are affluent in your native country and you can have the best life possible there. Now the same form of capital is of no use in another country. With your usual form of currency, you cannot simply board a cab or buy a piece of cookie for your survival. You are practically handicapped for your survival. You cannot check-in to the hotel, order a plate of food and survival becomes a nightmare.

After initial proceedings like approving visa, booking air ticket, getting travel insurance your next procedure should be getting enough foreign exchange to operate after you reach your destination. You should have enough finance credited in your bank accounts in the form of currency accepted at a respective country you are visiting. We provide hassle-free foreign exchange service for our clients. We outcast any conflict of interest that might arise during the foreign exchange. We practice unbiased foreign exchange management advisory where we constantly hassle in maximizing clients’ profits in foreign exchange.

Our focus of service is to decrease the burden of foreign exchange from your mind. Let us handle all the financial needs and aspects of your foreign trip and you enjoy a pleasant stay while visiting abroad. Our experience as consultancy service providers, throughout the years, has enabled us to work proficiently in the field of foreign exchange. We know that what will work for you from the details you share about visiting a country.

We have each and every provision customized enough with respect to each and every client of ours to help you get the foreign currency as per your need. We have tie-ups with various trustworthy, dedicated and best private firms of foreign exchange which in-turn makes it way easier than you realize. With our standardized foreign exchange policies, you don’t have to worry about any of your monetary aspects during foreign visits.


As humans, we always work for food and shelter. You can arrange food thanks to wide range of restaurants and hotels. However, shelter needs to be chosen properly in order to ensure a safe and secure stay in any country. The purpose of your foreign visit would be to get more business, enjoy a vacation with your loved ones or study in universities to build a career. These objectives should be achieved while ensuring utmost security and safety.

If your accommodation is pre-booked you don’t have to worry about finding a place after you land at your destination. Say if you are visiting another country as a business trip and you will have to reach to your client’s place or prepare for your meeting after landing. Then you should avoid investing your time in resource in finding accommodation or booking a ride, etc.

There are enormous options to ensure a safe stay while visiting abroad. Thanks to our years of experience in the industry, we know perfect options for accommodation in almost all the major cities of the world. From hotel owners to hostel in-charge, we have the direct contact with the right people for your safe accommodation.

If you are going for further studies, the universities may provide on-campus accommodation for your ease. However, if you want to save cost, there are off-campus accommodations options also. Based on your requirement we can help you to arrange private or shared rooms, private or shared apartments in a hostel, in a PG or a hotel as per your duration of the stay. We understand that people carry important luggage, documents, gadgets with them and they are leaving their home country and expecting a good time abroad. Hence, the security is the foremost thing we ensure as a service provider.

If you are visiting for a business trip and expecting to host a client at your stay, you can choose accommodation with breakfast and meal plan inclusive with also, safe catering if you want to make food for yourself. There are also partially and fully furnished rooms available based on your necessity and if you pre-plan your whole trip with us, we can help you get the early bird discount and pass you the major savings on advance booking.

Airport Pickup

Travelling is one of the most exciting experiences. You invest hours of time reaching your destination, have some plans of sightseeing or making a few professional visits after check-in the hotel or taking a stroll around your new university campus where you are going to spend your next few years of studies. But first of all, you look for a transportation option when you reach your destination. You must have invested a couple of hours sitting inside a flight with other hundreds of passengers; you want to freshen up a bit, you are with your luggage bags which you cannot carry everywhere. So, you would be expecting to relax while en-route to your accommodation.

From airport to your accommodation you cannot ignore the time required to reach. There might be factors like weather, traffic, co-passengers (if you are using public transport), etc. Everything impacts your first few hours at the new destination. It is advisable to invest in a comfortable taxi and if possible, pre-book an airport pickup prior to boarding a flight.

Now, you choose to hire a taxi after you reach your destination, it would be a bad idea. Because there are hundreds of other passengers who must’ve landed with you and every one of you are looking for a ride. So, it becomes tough to get a comfortable ride to the accommodation. Keep in mind that the location is new for you and you don’t know anybody. During this time, a random local driver might charge you exorbitantly. You might have to share your ride with other passengers if you look for a ride after reaching the destination. So, it is not a worthy option to rely on boarding a taxi after reaching the destination.

The better option is to pre-book your airport pickup through a trusted source. This way, your ride will already be waiting for you before you reach your destination. We understand that you are visiting a particular destination with an objective in mind and most importantly, with a fugitive time-span. It could be a business trip where you will have to straight go to your client’s office or drop your luggage at the accommodation and leave for another destination. In short, pre-booking a chauffeur-driven sedan will keep your schedule on track while maintaining your comfort.

Pre-Departure Briefing

Going on a foreign trip is adventure of its kind. Say you were planning a visit at a particular country for any kind of reason and you are finally allowed to do so. It could be a vacation trip with your loved ones, a business trip to expand your professional network or an educational purpose where you want to grow by learning updated skills.

Imagine how overwhelming that moment could be when you come to know that you are allowed to go abroad and your yearlong desire is finally going to be fulfilled. The reason behind this overwhelming feeling is because to get the approval you need to go through rigorous and cumbersome process of visa approval. Then comes finalising accommodation, arrange enough foreign exchange and deposit in your bank account for survival. After all of these, you can finally board a flight and reach your dream destination. During this whole journey, you are very likely to miss something important that would hurt you ahead.

In all these excitements, attending pre-departure briefing can help you better settling in the new country at ease. It is an interactive session where you will get a brief of the new destination which you are going to visit. The sessions include rules and regulation of the country, you can ask your question regarding the trips.

You might be visiting a country for a couple of months or may a few years. Hence, it becomes crucial that you settle-down immediately after shifting because if you learn the country’s mandatory information post-landing, then your most of the time and resource will be invested in adjustments only. The purpose of the whole visit would not be solved as you will be busy in understanding the routine and lifestyle of the new location.

Also, we cannot ignore the fact that every country shares different culture and whether than India. So, a local citizen visits a new country without any idea of daily routine and general rules of the new country, then he or she will be in great trouble. If you know any cultural practice and expected behaviour at particular country, then you would be able to avoid frictions that might have happened otherwise.

In the pre-departure briefing, the tourists are briefed on the basic utilities of the new destination, whether conditions during specific months, basic amenities of a college campus if you are going for study, etc. All in all, it is a session which harnesses the confidence in you to travel and stay properly at a different part of the world.

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