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Career Counseling

Keshavam International Pvt Ltd, India's best training specialists help students in satisfying their fantasy to study abroad at the best universities. We receive a comprehensive way to deal with training to enable students to understand the correct bearing they have to take. We handhold them at each period of abroad education process from helping them pick a course to applications and visas.

Choosing a perfect career once you are done with your formal education and training, is one of the most important and crucial decision as well. Career selection is not something you do once you finish your studies, rather it really began on the day you were born! There are various components that impact your, including your interests, capacities, values, identity, foundation, and conditions. Career Counselling is a procedure that will assist you with knowing and most importantly comprehend yourself with the eco-system of work culture so as to make best career and life choices.

A professional career is something more than just settling on a noteworthy decision and what work you need to get when you graduate. It truly is a long-lasting procedure, implying that for the duration of your life you will change, circumstances will change, and you will consistently need to settle on career and life choices. The objective of Career Counselling is to not just enable you to settle on the choices you have to make currently, but in-fact it is to give you the learning and aptitudes you have to settle on future profession and life choices.

How does Career experts at Keshavam International Pvt. Ltd. helps you shape your future?

  • We help you identify yourself which would in turn help you make the best choices for your professions and your life.
  • A career counsellor highly influences your decision-making in a positive manner.
  • We help you figure out and choose among many options when you are in a dilemma of which one to go with.
  • We guide and assist you on where you can find resources and sources related to career.
  • We help you plan, strategize and execute your decisions in an optimized manner.

Since choosing the right career is a long-lasting procedure, Career Counselling can be suitable for anybody, including first year recruits, sophomores, youngsters, seniors, and even graduated class. The prior you begin settling on deliberate choices about your future, the better the outcomes!


We at Keshavam International Pvt Ltd provides you with a coaching service which helps you crack the aptitude tests, examinations and interviews in a smarter and better way. With a coaching that is student-oriented and curriculum that is well planned and organized enough to help students achieve results they want. Get the coaching you have always wanted as per your expectations through our coaching experts.

Keshavam International’s Coaching is a special training administration that is conveyed through web, classrooms and private mentoring. We've embraced the prescribed procedures that are result-driven and output-oriented. We have selected exceptionally experienced workforce to enable you to achieve your dreams.

How different are we?

  • Our classroom culture is way more student-friendly and result-oriented. We prepare study material in a way that interests students.
  • Our classroom lectures are more intuitive and gainful.
  • Our workforce is chosen in a manner that can actually pay attention to each and every student and thereby track results accordingly. Hence, the scope of improvisation is higher and thus better results are achieved.
  • Students can crack these exams in a fun-loving manner because of our best mentorship programs and a team of coaches.
  • Offering you with a bleeding edge training and best-in-class innovative techniques to mentor students, we prepare them to appear and crack examinations for abroad studies.
  • Our experienced and certified faculties prepare students for carrying out fluent communications based on the country they plan to go for.

Keeping in mind the end goal to convey your desires to study abroad, we at Keshavam International Pvt Ltd intend to prepare students for exams like IELTS, PTE and TOEFL.

Such English Efficiency Test exams require a concentrated, thorough, and deliberately arranged educational modules, and that is precisely what our profoundly qualified and prepared resources have arranged. Our educational programs go up to any level i.e. past the necessities of the tests, we additionally intend to shape the identity, standpoint, and state of mind of our students.

Solid Reasons to choose us:

  • Mock test drills are carried out
  • Result-driven approach
  • Very qualified, prepared, and experienced resources
  • A small batch of students that can be managed
  • Adaptable timings
  • Critical thinking sessions
  • Library for exhaustive reading
  • Customized counsel for the whole course

Country Selection

Education is the key to success. Right education with the content mind is the perfect combination of success. With that being said, we cannot ignore the fact that foreign countries do have better opportunities for studies and building a professional life. If you get a chance to study right course at a developed country, the sky is the limit for you. You will be at the doorstep of boundless possibilities. These days, hiring determined and hardworking resources is one of the major concerns for companies. If you have what it takes then you can achieve your dream life through your foreign academic background.

First thing for going abroad for studying is to decide a course for yourself. Then comes selecting where you should go. It is imperative that there are many aspects that should be taken care of in order to decide the country. We provide you not only the best but affordable advice to choose a country.

There are competent options available for different educational qualifications at various countries. There are a unique set of features that must be matched with your expectation. Also practically, abroad study does demand a decent amount of investment. You need to put your hard cash in order to make sure you complete your course with ease. So we can help you decide which the perfect option for you is. For example, a destination which is perfect for studying business administration might not be preferred to pursue a mechanical engineering course. If cost is the factor that bothers you for choosing a specific country, then you can choose the duration of the course. There are similar courses also available at almost all the major countries which last for a year’s span.

Thanks to our experience of several years, we can help you decide which course is perfect for you taking all the factors into account. If desired you settle after study abroad, we can suggest you accordingly. After considering all the options along with your expectation, we make sure that everything complements each other and the most favourable country is selected for the students.

University Selection

University Selection Consultants at Keshavam International Pvt Limited is well-known to provide the best advice when it comes to choosing universities for your higher studies. There are so many most-buzzed about Universities/Institutes around the world. Selecting a university is equally challenging and tiresome task as you can’t judge whether the university is going to accept you or not. But, this is where our experts can help you through.

Colleges and universities abroad offer students an extensive variety of courses and alternatives. We help students in choosing only the correct college concerning Ranking, Location, Courses offered and Budget. We additionally furnish them with all the data they require about the area, assets, offices and convenience accessible at a picked college.

Choosing a college abroad for training needs requires satisfactory direction and master guidance to zero down on a specific country, culture and study program. At Keshavam International Pvt Ltd our consultants offer one-stop answers for all questions towards college choice. At Keshavam International Pvt Ltd, we enable students to get admissions into colleges and schools that best suit their own, scholastic, money related and different parameters. The learning and rich experience of our advisors enables students to touch base with the most ideal choices.

With an expanding number of colleges and schools offering various courses, choosing a correct course and a flawless foundation is a major test. It is up to students to choose what is his/her needs. A student needs obvious responses to following questions:

  • If the student needs the best course of his/her decision or the course that is great however offers enough choices that he/she truly needs.
  • If the student’s need for campus placement is taken into consideration and gets recruited at an ideal employment rate.
  • Whether the student is prepared to adjust to the college and course prerequisites as he/she will remain there for at least three years i.e. during their course of study.

Things one must take care of before choosing the perfect university:

Research: The more research the student puts into the choice procedure the better are the odds of getting the correct course and right college.

Direction: Once the whole research work is done at Keshavam International Pvt Ltd, we assist students with getting familiar with all the positive and negative parts of setting off to a specific college and course.

Selected Universities for a specific course: For particular courses, there are only a few universities that educate students on the same. All things considered, as the decision is restricted our team at Keshavam International Pvt Ltd comes to your rescue and helps you find a way that can help you get admission in a university based on the choice of your course you make.

Course Selection

Quarter life crisis is the time when people start feeling depressed and unsure about themselves due to physical and psychological changes. It is the time ranging from the twenties to thirties. During the same time, people make some of the most important decisions of their lives. It could be starting a family, execute a start-up idea, go for higher studies, etc.

Going for further studies also demands a research before the confirmation. Because you cannot decide whether you should go for abroad study or pursue a course form a local university. In either of this option, there are also enormous sub-options like which courses to choose, which college to apply, etc. It becomes stressful and confusing for most of the people. Asking experts or the people who have already visiting and completed a course abroad would be the perfect source for advice.

We have been a proactive consultant when it comes to help students studying abroad. We take care of every aspect starting from visa application process to book accommodation and deposit foreign exchange in your bank account for routine expenses in foreign country. Guiding student in selecting the perfect course is also a part of the services.

First, we do a thorough background check of you. Your existing educational qualifications, your backgrounds, your extracurricular and co-curricular activities. We get the complete understanding of the personality traits. We understand your likings and where you are more comfortable in expressing yourself. We check where you can adjust better. We also check the physical and psychological conditions to get the idea if you can adjust in a particular weather condition. What type of job profile you will prefer if you go with a particular type of course at a specific university.

There is the wide range of universities providing a variety of specialized courses. We have a list of all the major colleges of the world and the different course they provide on their campus. We also get an idea of the tentative amount a student is ready to spend to pursue a specific course. Based on the whole procedure, we are able to differentiate a specific course that you would be able to complete comfortably and expect a maximum return on investment.

Application Process

Visa is the authorization placed within the passport that says that the holder is authorized to enter a particular country for a specific period of time. There are various types of Visa a person can apply depending on the purpose of visiting or staying in a specific country. Mainly, there is work visa, business visa, student visa and visiting visa. Some visa requires an application to be approved. Without that approval, you are not allowed to enter a particular country. Certain Visa also requires medical screening or an interview before applying.

For the students, who want to prosper themselves by studying in reputed universities and schools of a foreign country, has to opt for the student visa. Student Visa is for the stay for more than 6 months in a country for the purpose of education. The process of visa approval is the most important and crucial phase in the whole activity. Because the government of the country where you want to go for study, don’t find your application up to the mark, your application will be rejected and a rejected applicant is not allowed to board an international flight to the respective country.

Thanks to our experience of years, you don’t have to worry about the whole process. We have maximum success rate when it comes to processing visa application. We counsel you to get the best opportunity by making sure your application process goes through. Based on the information you give, we help you to build a strong groundwork so that your visa approval process becomes easier. The process for visa approval is different for various countries. But we know what the mandatory guidelines and general procedures for are applying for the student visa in a respective country.

At our premises, we are a bunch of individuals who are constantly working for assisting students in their visa application process. We understand the seriousness of our job and that’s why we always work for the betterment of the families by helping their children in Visa approval process. We help you make a complete application, attested certificates, write a convincing statement of purpose, etc. We also help you by preparing for the personal interview and medical screening.

Education Loan

For some of us, the benchmark of success is equivalent to studying in reputed top foreign universities. We cannot argue that the cost of studying abroad is increasing with each passing day. For the matter, tuition fees of reputed colleges in other countries are already high for foreign students. If someone doesn’t have a robust financial plan, then the overall budget might jeopardize altogether. With that being said, the parents always plan ahead for future by investing the capital in shares, fixed deposits, mutual funds, etc. How a person is going to pay for his education might be the first financial decision he has to make in his life.

Despite doing all the possible savings, it might happen that there would be a shortage of finance while paying for foreign education. While making plans to study abroad, there won’t be only college fee that is supposed to be taken care of. There are many other routine expenses like lodging, boarding, transportation, etc. that needs to be covered in the foreign currency. So, an aspiring student should be having enough foreign exchange deposited in his bank account for the ease.

To get a help in this situation, an education loan consultant is a right source for the help. An education loan plays a vital role because it covers almost all of the expenses like accommodation, exam, college, etc. while staying for education in a particular country.

What does the education loan cover usually?

  • Tuition Fees
  • Examination Charges
  • Exchange programs
  • Project work and its expenses
  • Library and books expenses
  • Study Tours
  • Hostel fees or accommodation charges
  • Cost of purchasing any expensive equipment's related to the particular course
  • Uniform

As an advisor, we understand the sincerity of the job that’s why we include our clients in every phase of this process. Because they are investing their life savings making sure they will get good returns in future. Hence, they should be proactively involved in the overall procedure.

For the repayment of the loan, if someone thinks that his bank account will start flush-out money when education is completed, then it is not true. There is a grace period, usually six months, after student complete his education. Meaning, they get their college degree which would be directly translated into an equivalent job. In other words, they will be given employment opportunity with decent remuneration so they can initiate repayment of their loans.

Finance companies or banks who provide an educational loan to the aspiring students require innumerable documents for the verification procedure. The idea behind checking the documents is to ensure that the funds are given to the right person and he or she is the rightful candidate for the funds. There has to be your identity proof that clearly states that you are the citizen of India. However, there are enormous other documents also which should be delivered for the smoother procedure of education loan.

Different types of education loan require a different set of documents for verification. There is loans option which covers only tuition fee of the student. There are also other options which cover every penny you spend during the span of your academic years. Some loans cover insurance too. Based on the choices and priorities of the students and their families, they can choose whichever option is suitable and cost-effective for them. However, there are certain types of documents required irrespective of whichever type of loan you want to go for.

Documents required

  • Graduation marksheet or the marksheet of last qualifying examination
  • Total span for which you are seeking loan
  • Offer letter from college
  • Income tax assessment
  • Government Identification Proof
  • Passport size photographs
  • Your bank account statement
  • A written proof for any scholarship you are eligible for (if any)
  • Copy of foreign exchange permit (if possible)
  • Gist of the assets and liabilities of the candidate
  • Based on the student's choice, the education loan can be taken for part-time, vocational course and full-time graduation or post-graduation courses.

Keep these papers handy if you are looking for applying for a student loan. Consider your options, choose which type of expenditure you want to cover and discuss your expectations with us. Based on your requirements, we will put our best efforts to give you most affordable loan possible. For the past couple of years, we are able to comprehend what an individual is expecting while applying for a loan. We have come across almost every type of combination of the requirement that a student would like to cover. Hence, we have different packages for various requirements. So, your work will be made faster due to our enhanced understanding and vast experience. Just drop by with your requirements and avail the best possible solution.

Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose is one of the most important parts of visa application procedure. It would help you convince the admission committee to allow you to study in their country. It is a document which says what influenced your career, why you want to pursue a course at a specific college and why you think you are the perfect fit for the enrolment.

Your statement of purpose should include your academics. Your co-curricular activities, internships, projects that you have worked on. If you are experienced, you should mention your job profile also. You clearly need to mention your designation and responsibilities in the SOP.

SOP is not a document where you mention your life philosophy, use jargons and showcase your best vocabularies to narrate your journey so far. You need to tell your story comprehensively. Your SOP should make you stand out of the pack in front of the panel. Please keep in mind that those people might have received hundreds of SOP for the same course you have applied.

The student feels extremely nervous when it comes to writing an SOP for themselves. They are confident about pursuing a course at particular university but put that in a limited words format and convince a committee whose members are complete strangers is what makes things difficult for almost everyone. It must be apt and very well-thought-out document.

Always write multiple copies of your SOP. Your goal is to tell your story and your aspirations for yourself while colouring between the lines. Start writing about your journey first. It would be fine if you don’t make it through in the first attempt at writing. Consider that your audience is the knowledgeable panel whose job is to hire rightful of candidates out of hundreds of applications. So, you cannot just write flat statements in simple English. However, it also does not mean you include bold statements and self-proclaiming tone in order to impress.

Our experts are here to guide you and help you write a convincing statement of purpose. After writing, don’t forget to take second opinions of your document. An experienced official in the field of teaching is the perfect fit to show your copy. Here, we have skilled individuals who are able to grasp the thoughts and message behind the students’ words and help them craft it better.

So far, our student drive approach has helped us to think about the future of students and their families. We know the seriousness of the statement of purpose and can help you write better. One single recklessness inside the document and cost you your dreams. Hence, we work till the last minute of the submission and keep a check of every mandatory detail to include.

Interview Preparation

Studying in foreign universities is a great platform to learn new skills and prosper your individuality. Foreign colleges are the getaway to elevate to a whole new level. They expand your horizons by providing a platform to prove yourself academically. Additionally, they also provide a channel for employment in multinational companies who give white collar jobs to eligible students. Eligibility for an individual is thoroughly examined before he or she is permitted to enter a respective country. In other words, when you apply for a particular type Visa, they go through a rigorous procedure of Visa approval where they check if you are eligible and deserved candidate to enter a respective country and study in their universities.

Though academics and statement of purpose do affect visa approval, an individual’s true worth can only be determined properly if you get to know their life perspective through face-to-face interactions. An interview can alter the overall decision of your visa approval. Hence, our student-driven interview preparation can help you to build the belief through our various activities and guidance. These personal interviews are conducted by country’s representative at their embassy. The aim is to indulge in an act of thoroughly examining an individual through face-to-face interactions. It is certain that the panel is there to make sure that deserving person is allowed to enter their country so they would be examining a person rigorously. Through such interview, they get a person’s psychological and personal insight. They check current academic background, family background and the purpose behind pursuing a course from their particular university.

As a consultant, it becomes our job to help students stand-out when they feel most nervous. We understand that facing a panel whose members are complete strangers and their decision is going to shape your and your family’s future makes you feel anxious. Your slightest mistake during those crucial minutes will have larger implication in approving your Visa.

Thanks to our substantial experience, we can decide what basic expectations and usual interactions take place inside that interview room. We guide you through mocks and practice sessions so that you can impress the people sitting in front of you.

Job Assistance

Work is probably the only thing that sets us apart from each other. How meticulously you do a work is what counts at the end. As the market grows and opportunities come, we are reluctant in relocating to other cities and probably to another country for work. Work does not only give us resources for survival but an identity through which we are known in this materialistic world. So better work you do, more money you can earn and better identity you can create. With that being said, a foreign country is preferred for building a career. There could be multiple reasons like more flexible jobs, better returns due to different currency than native country, work culture, etc.

In this segment, we keep our promise by helping you with job assistance in foreign countries. There could be multiple scenarios where an individual is looking for a job in another country. There could be career expansion where you are currently working on a good payroll but want to work at a better company with the higher payroll. It can also be educational with the job where your goal would be to study abroad then look for a job at the same country, this is the category is for students and also executives who would prefer an executive course and combine their corporate experience in grabbing higher designation at another country.

We understand that every individual has a different area of interest. They have prerequisites which have to be fulfilled. Hence, based on our understanding of yours, we can guide you to find a perfect job for you at a different country. So far, we have helped many local citizens with job assistance. Our only motto is to get our clients a satisfactory job profile in the field of what they love doing and they can also get enough returns.

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