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Australia is a standout amongst the most wanted goals when it comes to choosing a country for higher study among the students. As a matter of fact, each year more than 500,000 students travel to Australia for study purpose. Australian Education is perceived and very esteemed everywhere throughout the world.

Talking about the quality aspects, then let us cut down to the fact that there's no bargain on quality. Every university, may it be a government or private are always under survey and routinely examined by the Ministry of Education. These universities and institutions are obliged to consent to national norms and furthermore centre around best training.

Another imperative favourable reason to opt for Australia is that International students can legitimately work amid their leisure time to supplement their examinations and meet their expenses in manageable ways.

Amidst a varied blend of culture, best career opportunities, heart-warming and friendly people, Extraordinary colleges and projects, great lifestyle and quality education, Australia is definitely a great option to choose.

It's no big surprise that Australia is one of the pioneers of the universal training market. Also, it is totally sheltered and well disposed of.


Australia is the main worldwide known for its education and is indeed a powerhouse and one of the most grounded economies on the planet. With tremendous scenes, the high calibre of life and awesome assorted variety, it is home to seven of the best education communities on the planet. While there are a lot of astonishing spots to live and think about in Australia, here is a review of why Australia is the most favoured one.

Australia pulls in the best and brightest personalities from over the world for an exceptional examination encounter. It is an interesting and various nation inside and out – in culture, populace, atmosphere, topography and history.

With the second-most elevated human improvement record all-inclusive, the nation positions profoundly in personal satisfaction, education, monetary flexibility and others. Melbourne proceeds to reliably rank at the best took after by Perth, Sydney and others. Australia is multicultural and multi-racial and this is reflected in the nation's sustenance, the way of life and social practices and experience. This very assorted variety of impacts is instrumental in moulding a social domain that is vivacious, stimulated, inventive and outwardly.

Most Australians live in urban areas along the drift that incorporate Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin, with the most crowded states being New South Wales and Victoria while Sydney and Melbourne are the biggest urban communities in Australia. On the atmosphere front, Australia, as a rule, has a mild atmosphere for a large portion of the year. Australia's open and differed economy, set apart by the very taught workforce and a broad administrations part is reliably positioned among the most grounded of cutting-edge economies and is known as one of the considerable farming, mining and vitality makers.


Australia is at present the third most prevalent goal for global students to contemplate abroad.

More than 5, 00,000 students from over 190 nations reside in Australia.

Communities like "best student urban communities" and the "most bearable urban communities" are known worldwide which are in Australia.

Colleges are expanding the number of universal student enrolments consistently.

The high calibre of Education

Organizations convey functional and professional arrangements, subsequently increasing the global vocation prospects once students graduate.

Australian organizations are known to have a world-class education and best career opportunities. You need cutting-edge labs and classrooms, alongside very much supplied libraries, and exceptional projects? All things considered, look no further. The vast majority of the Australian colleges and schools are certified by world's driving universal authorizing bodies like AACSB, EQUIS, Washington Accord, Sydney Accord and Dublin Accord.

The nation perceives its qualities and potential in education and continually works towards a practical training portfolio by understanding and adjusting their way to deal with student needs and desires. This makes it a welcome and productive experience for worldwide students.

the top 50 universities worldwide who offers courses in various fields like Science, Mathematics, Agricultural and Life Sciences, Pharmacy and many more
Assorted variety of Education is found in Australia :

Foundations in Australia offer a wide assortment of courses and degrees, making it simple to discover what each student needs without trading off. The Universities offer courses over the assortment of subjects and scholarly fields: 22000 courses, 1100 educational institutions.

Australian Universities are positioned among the world's top-ranking universities. These universities are among the top 50 universities worldwide who offers courses in various fields like Science, Mathematics, Agricultural and Life Sciences, Pharmacy and many more.

Alumni from Australia have been exceptionally effective in getting employment and an endless number hold unmistakable positions around the world. You could be one of them.

The reasonable cost of living :

At the front line of innovation, research and advancement, a standout amongst the most engaging parts of the nation for global students are the nature of logical research. Australia is at the bleeding edge of new innovation and advancements, enabling students to exploit innovation and research assets. The education framework centres around collaboration, systematic reasoning and critical thinking. Studies demonstrate that $ 5 billion is committed to innovative work in the nation.

One of the most joyful nations in the World and Great place to live in Australia

One of the most joyful nations in the World and Great place to live in Australia
Incredible Scholarships :

Australian Government and Australian Universities give an extensive number of grants for meriting, commendable global students with extraordinary scholastics needing to examine in Australia.

Did you realize that the Australia Government puts more than $200,000,000 in worldwide grants through activities like Australia Awards, Endeavor grants and cooperation, International grants supported by Australian Government? These separated from the plenty of grants granted by singular colleges and universities, make examining in Australia moderate.

One of the most joyful nations in the World and Great place to live in.

Australia is among the world's 10 most joyful nations, as per a United Nations report. Australia has an interesting society of taking part in exercises, for example, sports, natural life, music, craftsmanship and significantly more.

Study-work opportunity :

Australia is one of only a handful couple of nations that have great working opportunities.

Legitimately, worldwide students are permitted to work up to 40 hours in a fortnight while the semester is on and full-time amid excursions. When you finish your single guy's or bosses, you could be qualified for a Post Study Work Permit. It is believed and found that the International education part underpins 130,700 employments every year.

Post Study Work Permit

Australia has a multicultural society
Social Diversity :

Australia has a multicultural society. Truth be told, 47% of the number of inhabitants in the nation are from foreign countries. What's more, you can meet a lot of Indian students there. Indian students jump at the chance to pick Australia for advanced education.

Secured :

The nation gives a sheltered domain to universal students and a high calibre of life in a multicultural situation.

The nation gives a sheltered domain to universal students


Australia’s Education system is no different than India’s Education system i.e. 10+2+3. Australia has no deficiency of study choices for students. Searching for a degree in promoting? You got it! Games administration? Don't sweat it! Obviously, with in excess of 22,000 courses from 1,100 organizations to browse, it's not really an amazement.

VET also known as Vocational Education and Training is a programme that is made for students to help students know their careers in better ways. This programme gives practical experience to students opting for a professional career. It has 2 sections:

1. TAFE i.e. Technical and Further Education
2. Dedicated staff to provide Private technical Education

Students are rewarded with certificates, associate diploma certificates for a range of courses like the design, pilot training, computing, Hotel Management, Business Management and many more.

So, why TAFE?

Because TAFE provides the best and largest tertiary education in various fields in Australia.

TAFE has tie-ups with many Australian Universities.

A student can have a credit for a specific portion of their subject when undertaken at TAFE.

TAFE is the gateway to top Australian Universities.

Australian training framework is recognized from numerous different nations by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)

Regardless of what level of education you'd jump at the chance to seek after, you can rest guaranteed in the way that quality is an assurance. Australia's legislature secures the privileges of worldwide students while advancing quality education and the assortment of study alternatives.


Post study work visa:

The below mentioned are the eligibility criteria for the Post Study Work Visa of Australia.

Students with Diploma certificate aren’t eligible for Post Study Work Visa. But, they can be eligible for the 'Graduate Work'.

One must abide by legal requirements on the compulsory basis with respect to language (English), adequate health check-up certificates and health insurance, character and security during their tenure of a student visa.

Also, one needs to have studied for at least 2 years for a Bachelor’s or any higher degree course. And these courses should have been by accredited Australian Education providers and registered with Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Course for Overseas Students


Australian Government and Australian Universities give an expansive number of grants to brilliant minds for their incredible performance in academics.

These grants at times cover the educational cost as well as living and travel costs. On the off chance that you've done scholastically, you could be considered for grant naturally, while a couple of colleges require few documents to grant you a scholarship.

Various awards, scholarships and grants include the Australia Awards, Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP), Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship and many more.


Major intakes in Australia are February and July


Level of Studies Eligibility and English Language Requirements
  • A good academic record in High School Certificate or 12 years of schooling.
  • Some courses such as Computing and Engineering will require Mathematics and /or Science as pre-requisites.
  • 6.0 IELTS / minimum 50 – 58 PTE.
  • A good academic record in Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university is necessary.
  • Any work experience in the field will be helpful
  • For MBA programs at some Universities students need to have work experience along with their Bachelor's Degree
  • Masters & M.B.A. Degree for fresh Graduates is available.
  • 6.5 IELTS / minimum 58 – 64 PTE


The applicant is required to carry a file of various must-required documents for securing admission in any Australian University.

• Resume of the applicant
• Statement of Purpose (SOP)
• Mark sheets and Passing Certificates of 10th standard and onwards
• Two copies of Reference Letters from colleges/company
• Copy of applicant’s Passport
• Birth Certificate
• IELTS score card


An applicant might be required to file some extra documents if necessary along with the below mentioned documents.

• Application form (which must be filled in an exact manner as that in passport)
• Admission letter from the University
• Mark sheet and certificate of 10th Standard
• Mark sheet and certificate of 12th Standard
• A document that states your English Proficiency
• Statement of Purpose (SOP)
• Syllabus of your course (in case you want to apply for credit exemption)
• Work Experience letter and Salary statement of your current company (if applicable)
• Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
• Academic report cards of your Spouse (if applicable)
• The current activity proof of your Spouse (if applicable)
• A full body medical check-up report
• Diploma/Degree Mark Sheets (all semesters including backlogs) and Degree course Certificate
• Provisional/Degree Certificate (along with the mention of the batch/class you belong to and must be issued by the University)
• Letter of instructions (applicable to some specific Universities)
• Supporting documents if you have taken a drop during your studies (if the drop is of more than a year)
• Copy of your Passport
• Application fees (if applicable)
• Resume of the applicant
• Name Change Affidavit (only if applicable)

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Australia colleges have dependably engaged students and their parents worldwide for its education, particularly from India as these remain at the cutting edge of innovation, development and research. With their accentuation on training-based adapting, profound industry ties and different courses accessible, every one of the best colleges offer global, creative and industry-important instruction that is intended to address the issues of tomorrow.

Some well-known universities of Australia include University of Technology Sydney, Deakin University, La Trobe University, University of Queensland, University of New South Wales, University of Western Australia, Swinburne University, and many others.


The living cost in Australia is very nominal compared to other countries i.e. approximately AU $2000 per year. It is both affordable and indeed a beautiful place to live in. But, truth to be told, it varies from place to place.

Hostels and Guesthouses – $90 to $150/week
Shared Rental – $85 to $215/week
On campus living cost – $90 to $280/week
Homestay – $235 to $325/week
Rental Homes – $165 to $440 /week
Boarding schools – $11,000 to $22,000 per year
Other living expenses in Australia:
Groceries and Eating outside food – $80 - $280/week
Gas and electricity bills – $35 to $140 /week
Phone and Internet bills – $20 to $55 /week
Public transport – $15 to $55 /week
Car maintenance – $150 to $260 /week
Entertainment – $80 to $150 /week

Talking about the education, it depends on the course, university and Educational degree he has opted for (Masters or Bachelors or Diploma).

Average tuition fees in Australian dollars per annum are:
AU$15000 - $30000
AU$20,000 - $37,000


Australia becomes the first choice for students when it comes to opt for higher education, reason being not just the superior quality education but also the attractive cities and scenic beaches. 7 Australian cities are ranked among the top 75 among the QS Best Student Cities for the year 2016.

There are many factors that plays a key role including Student Mix, Desirability Activity, and Employment ratios and so on. But, as a matter of fact, the top-ranking cities are costly too, so it might not turn out to be pocket-friendly for every student.

Here’s the list which you can look forward to live in along with a unique study experience while in Australia:

1. Melbourne
2. Sydney
3. Canberra
4. Brisbane
5. Perth
6. Gold Coast



Every nation takes after an alternate arrangement of standards with regards to giving Permanent residency to thair country.

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