The landlocked nation of the Czech Republic, that also goes by the name Czechia, is an utterly beautiful, a truly picturesque country, located in central Europe. Aptly called the ‘heart of Europe’, this country offers you both bustling cities, as well as a marvelous and peaceful countryside. With over 2000 castles all across the country, the Czech Republic is rich in its history, and home to a diversely rich culture. Prague, the beautiful capital of Czechia, is already one of the most popular destinations amongst travellers, owing to all the unique things one gets to see and experience here.

Also, like we said the country is right about in the center of the continent, it’s quite an important hub from where one can reach other countries in a matter of hours because of an impeccable public transportation system. In addition, the Czech Republic is considered to be not just a pleasant, but also a safe city, whether you go out early in the morning or late during the night.

Czechia is a country that isn’t just known for its unique charm, but also for its brilliant academic and research institutes, that are to be found right in the midst of its exquisite beauty, refreshing culture, and a rich history. So renowned are Czech universities for providing exceptional academic opportunities, that the country witnesses a steady influx of people, that include both tourists and students, from across the continent and beyond, every single year; this is what sustains the Czech Republic’s reputation as a lively, youthful, and a vibrant destination.


the top 50 universities worldwide who offers courses in various fields like Science, Mathematics, Agricultural and Life Sciences, Pharmacy and many more
An Educational System Second to None :

Czech education and research are known for their high quality while being immersed in great tradition. Their universities and other academic institutions, especially the ones in the field of Medicine, Science, and Engineering are widely recognized all over the globe. The Czech Republic public institutions of higher education enjoy complete independence when it comes to giving admissions, assessing the study – related fee, as well as the final design of all study programme. Students can also rest assured about the various aspects of a quality higher education that they receive in one of the universities here, as the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, as well as their Accreditation Commission are responsible for evaluating the same on a regular basis.

No Tuition Fee if You Study in Czech :

You will find higher education in the Czech Republic to be really affordable. The tuition fees in the country’s universities vary between 0 USD (i.e. free) to 22,350 USD per year. The exact amount that you’d have to pay would depend upon the institution you study in, as well as the study programme you opt for. There are a lot of courses in Czech universities that are taught in the English language; so, there’s nothing for you to worry about. In addition, while being a foreign national, you would have to pay a very minimal fee; if you are a Czech Passport Holder by any chance, studying at any Czech public institution will entail no fee at all.

One of the most joyful nations in the World and Great place to live in Australia

the top 50 universities worldwide who offers courses in various fields like Science, Mathematics, Agricultural and Life Sciences, Pharmacy and many more
Cheaper than Most :

Money is a factor that plays a significant role in a student’s decision to choose to study in a country or not. Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, is known for being quite an inexpensive city, at least when compared to other cities in central Europe. If you plan your grocery shopping, meals, and so on, within a specific budget, you shouldn’t have much problem at all. In addition, you will also be able to avail student discounts on various things.

Czech Food Equals Comfort Food :

A big problem with students is to find good food when they go abroad to study. The fact that it’s not just a day or two-long trip, but a three or four-year long academic course that they are there for, it makes sense that food shouldn’t be just edible, but to some extent, to their actual liking. The Czech Republic does not disappoint on that front at all. With staples, such as goulash, fried cheese, open-faced sandwiches, and more, Czech food is delicious to say the east, and definitely the best comfort food out there.

One of the most joyful nations in the World and Great place to live in Australia

the top 50 universities worldwide who offers courses in various fields like Science, Mathematics, Agricultural and Life Sciences, Pharmacy and many more
There’s No Saying How Beautiful the Place is! :

It goes without saying that the Czech Republic is a place as beautiful as they come. The place has a distinct charm that is evident from its window sills dotted with flower pots, cobblestone building and streets, and so much more; every single bit of this European country seems like it has a history to it, has a story to tell. For International students, the Czech Republic provides a peek into one of the most exquisite places on earth that also happens to provide some of the best educational opportunities on the planet!

A Study Destination and a Travel Destination,
Both at Once! :

If it’s your decision to study in the Czech Republic, we are here to assure you it’s going to be a fantastic time you spend in this country. Especially, if you're someone who’s always up for travelling to new exotic places, and come home with an amazing cultural experience while having studied in one of the academically thriving Czech institutes, then this is absolutely the place for you!

One of the most joyful nations in the World and Great place to live in Australia


Students in the Czech Republic start with preschool and then continue on to get their elementary, secondary, and finally University and postgraduate education. The classification system that is used in the school system of this country consists of a scale from 1 (i.e. the best) to 5 (which is the worst). This is the scale they use to evaluate the work done by the students.

Students need to get and are guaranteed, an enrolment in preschool, a year before they enter the phase of compulsory elementary education.

The elementary education in the Czech Republic takes nine years in total, usually beginning from age 6 till the child reaches age 15.

Upper secondary education can either be general or it can be vocational. Generally, it lasts 4 years (from grade 10 to 13), but it is not considered mandatory.

University or Territory education begins once a child is finished with getting their primary as well as secondary education following the passing of respective final examinations. These examinations have 2 parts: one is the common (state) exam, and the second is called profiling (it is specific for individual exams).

Most of the universities offer students an accredited degree corresponding to Bachelor’s, Master’s, and one in engineering.

A Bachelor’s degree, in most fields of study, is a 3-year course.

A Master’s programme lasts about 5 to 6 years, or as a 2-year programme, depending on whether or not a student has already completed a Bachelor’s degree course.

After being awarded a Master’s degree, students can further pursue a specialization through one of their doctoral programmes (the only thing is, this should be cleared by the student within 3 to 4 years).


Lucrative Employment Opportunities:

The Czech Republic is a grand hub of international as well as homegrown companies which offer amazing job opportunities to new graduates. There are a lot of international organizations, such as Deloitte, Price Water house Coopers, and so on that have set up shop in Czechia. Not to mention, there are already domestic players, such as Avast, Skoda, etc., which rank amongst the largest companies in Eastern and Central Europe. Now, who wouldn’t want a job offer from one of these! The country has statistically shown us, time and again, that our students graduating from their universities have nearly cent per cent chance of finding fantastic jobs.

An Exuberant Startup Scene:

One finds a lot of startup accelerators as well as co-working hubs in the Czech Republic, making the country see a surge in its startup scene in recent years. In fact, many businesses, such as Avast, were at some point in time, startups; so, it was the Czech Republic where such companies saw themselves grow from the days of their humble beginnings.

The country understands the value of, and hence encourages an entrepreneurial spirit, especially in the fields of tech and design, and the many seed accelerators, such as StarCube and Startup Yard, situated around Czechia, helping graduates get things rolling, are the very proof of the same.

Placements and internships:

Interns in the Czech Republic will have the chance to gain valuable professional experience while living abroad in a beautiful, dynamic country.

Generally, a student has to intern at a company as part of whichever higher study programme they opt for, in the Czech Republic. It is only on the successful completion of an internship that one obtains their degree. The duration of an internship could be as less as 3 weeks, or even go up to 4 months or more; the duration depends upon the terms dictated in the internship agreement, as drafted by the student’s higher education institution.

An internship is considered no less than your standard job, according to the labour laws in the country. So, there is an employment contract involved, which includes a minimum wage as well. It should be noted that no internship can exceed 300 hours a year when obtained under the same employer.

There are a variety of areas to be found in the Czech Republic wherein internships are available. Some of the more popular fields, though, include IT, technology, marketing, medicine, education, and banking. To get an internship, a student can contact the employer directly and submit their applications together with CV, references, and so on. Another way is to contact the NFE (National Fund of Education). This is an organization whose primary task is to promote the improvement of the qualification required for labour, as well as the betterment of lifelong education. They help place students in intern positions at various companies.

Internships and finally work placements also allow international students to eventually get eligible to invite their family members to the Czech Republic in the future.

Scholarship Opportunities:

The Government of the Czech Republic government offers scholarships within its FDAP (Foreign Development Assistance Programme), annually. These scholarships support students from developing countries who would like to study at public universities in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic provides scholarships for studies pursued in the Czech language (if it’s a Master's study programme), as well as in English (if further on, one goes for Master's and then a Doctoral study programme).

PR opportunities:

After one has stayed for long, they can be considered eligible to apply for Permanent residency. PR, though, is granted mainly to either reunite a family or for humanitarian reasons. One can apply for PR at the Embassy; in other cases, one can apply in the Czech Republic directly (a condition for the same is to stay in the country, legally, for at least 8 years).


Admission Intakes:

Major intake is during September. For such courses, there’s also January.

Basic Entry Requirements

Below mentioned are the guidelines to help you crack these exams and get admissions in the university of your choice:

Level of Studies Requirements
Undergraduate ⮚ High school certificate with a decent record, or 12 years of schooling
⮚ Fluency in the English language
⮚Some of the courses, like engineering and computing may require a Skype interview with the head of the university department.
⮚ Other activities, such as presentation, etc.
Post Graduate ⮚ A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university, with a decent academic record to show.
⮚ Fluency in the English language
⮚ Some of the courses, like engineering and computing may require a Skype interview with the head of the university department.
⮚ IELTS score is a necessary requirement.


• All Academic Mark Sheets (10th, 12th, Graduate)
• All Academic Transcripts
• Provisional Certificate / Degree Certificate
• Migration Certificate
• Passport
• Pan Card
• Aadhar Card
• Birth Certificate
• LC


• All Academic Mark Sheets (10th, 12th, Graduate)
• All Academic Transcripts
• Provisional Certificate / Degree Certificate
• Migration Certificate
• Passport
• Pan Card
• Aadhar Card
• Bank Balance Certificate
• Bank Statement – 3 Months old Statements Necessary
• 4 Photographs (35* 45mm, 80% Face, White Background, Matt Finished)
• PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)
• Apostle Documents from Government of India (Degree Certificate, PCC, Transcripts)
• Translated Documents in the Czech Language from Authorized Translator (Bank Statement, Balance Certificate, PCC)

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Keep all Academic Documents Together

Attach Experience Letter (If Applicable)

Submit All Documents at Keshavam International Pvt. Ltd.

Keshavam International Pvt. Ltd. Will Do the Application

Face an Admission Interview

(It will be Skype interview by University Department Head – Only for IT Courses)
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After Successfully Passed an Interview Get an Offer Letter from University

Do the Further Process for Visa Application
(Keshavam International Pvt. Ltd. Will guide you at each & every step)


Keep Offer Letter in Your Hand

Pay the Tuition Fees

Start Visa Interview Preparation

Apply for PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)

Get the Bank Balance Certificate from Bank
(Balance must show of Approximately 7 Lakhs)

Get the 3 Months Old Bank Statements

PCC, Bank Statement, Bank Balance Certificate
(Need to Translate in the Czech Language)
(Keshavam Team will help you)

Get the Final Admission and Accommodation Letter

Get the Visa Interview Date from Embassy
(Keshavam International Pvt. Ltd. Will take on behalf of the student)

Face the Visa Interview at Delhi

Get your Visa Done

Get Valid International Insurance

Fly to Your Dream Destination and Get Grand Success


Throughout the country, you will find a number of academic institutions and colleges in just about every nook and corner. Plus, there are several cities that offer fun and exciting student life. Throughout the Czech Republic, one finds sevex//9q ral cities with different histories, people speaking different languages, and a lot of cultural variations as well.


This is one wonderful Bohemian city in Czechia, where you find thousands of students choosing amongst some of the best study programmes taught by world-class teachers, in the midst of beautiful monuments and fascinating architecture. Prague Castle, The Baroque Saint Nicholas Church, Kampa Island, The Franz Kafka Museum, are all sites to behold!


Another Czech city, this one’s also popular amongst International students who come to love the laidback lifestyle of the city, as they pursue their higher education in one of the top-class universities offering plenty of undergraduate, as well as graduate degree options. It’s a dream for students to study while being in the same vicinity as Veverí Castle, Špilberk Castle, Villa Tugendhat, and Abbey of Saint Thomas - the place where Gregor Mendel discovered the science of genetics.


Average tuition fees in the Czech Republic per annum are €3200 - €3500 = for an undergraduate Course and €4200 - €4500 for a postgraduate one

The Czech Republic is quite cheaper competitively with other European countries.
Monthly living cost with accommodation approximately is Euro €300 (CZK 8000) per Month.

⮚Hostel/dromedary: CZK 3000 – CZK 3700/Month
⮚ Travelling: CZK 160/Month (Including Metro, Bus, Tram, Boat)
⮚ Entertainment: CZK 500/Month (Depend on the Person)
⮚ Food: CZK 2000/Month
⮚ Mobile: CZK 200/Month
⮚ Grocery: CZK 1000 – CZK 1500/Month
⮚ Stationary: CZK 100/Month
⮚ If you stay outside of the university, there will be costs pertaining to accommodation, electricity bill, gas bill, etc...

List of Top Universities / Colleges in the Country

• Charles University in Prague
• Czech Technical University in Prague
• Palacký University in Olomouc
• Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
• VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava
• University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno
• Brno University of Technology
• Masaryk University
• Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
• Mendel University in Brno


Every nation takes after an alternate arrangement of standards with regards to giving Permanent residency to thair country.

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