The USA is the most luring country for many people these days. And why not! It is one of the most powerful countries in the world. The USA stands out in world-class education as well. The quality of knowledge empowered on students by the school, college and universities are of the best quality. International students are attracted due to excellent academics, different programs, career options, and employment.

Universities of USA are among the world ranking education institutions. They offer a variety of courses, providing wide options to the students. Many Universities and colleges have placement cell and ties with the different company for direct placement of their students. They also provide practical training through an internship. Many students get a job after graduation in the same company as their internship.

The USA has many things to offer to its international students. Along with high-class education, it also provides diversified cities and multi-cultured population. It also has parks, culture and art events, sports events, etc.

It is a politically stable nation and among the super-power nation in the world. The USA is highly in demand among students to study abroad.


Most of the world top universities are located in the US. Among the top 20 universities of the world, 16 universities are from the US. Future in the US is really getting bright. Among top 500 MNC’s (Multi-National Company), 128 companies have their headquarters based in the US.

the top 50 universities worldwide who offers courses in various fields like Science, Mathematics, Agricultural and Life Sciences, Pharmacy and many more
Academic Recognition :

The degree obtained from the US universities are recognized all over the world. They have one of the finest education systems.

Different career options :

The large campuses and thousands of universities and colleges in the US gives international students wide options for the career. They can attain knowledge and specializations in the field of their interest to the great depth. Students can get an opportunity to work with intellectuals of their field directly during the course of education through internship and workshops.

One of the most joyful nations in the World and Great place to live in Australia

the top 50 universities worldwide who offers courses in various fields like Science, Mathematics, Agricultural and Life Sciences, Pharmacy and many more
Technological advancement :

the USA has always been one of the most advanced nations in the world for decades together in terms of technology and science. The students can get an opportunity to interact with the Intellectuals and leaders of their field of study. The colleges and universities have advanced technology and facilities especially in the field of Math, Engineering, Science and Technological Courses.

Research and Development :

The education system encourages students for research-based knowledge and skills. A student with the inclination towards research can get a good support to study in the US. The inquisitiveness to find something new or create something different is highly encouraged. There are several different programs that can help a student to become a research scholar.

One of the most joyful nations in the World and Great place to live in Australia

the top 50 universities worldwide who offers courses in various fields like Science, Mathematics, Agricultural and Life Sciences, Pharmacy and many more
Practical Training :

While you are in USA studying, you also seek employment opportunities in order to earn while you learn. The students get practical training through internship and workshops during the period of study. Opting for a part-time job at a company which matches your curriculum and point of interest will expose you to the practical side of your field. This experience will matter a lot when mentioned in your resume.

Flexibility :

The US provides different courses which help to inculcate detailed, depth and wide knowledge about the subject. The diverse courses help students to specialize in the field of their interest. The US education system provides a lot of flexibility in the syllabus.

One of the most joyful nations in the World and Great place to live in Australia

the top 50 universities worldwide who offers courses in various fields like Science, Mathematics, Agricultural and Life Sciences, Pharmacy and many more
Excellent Teaching Methodologies :

The classrooms strength of the students can be as small as to 10-20 students. This results in a lot of engagement and interaction between students and teacher.

All students can get the personal attention that they require to nurture their interest and upbringing.


There are basically three different programs -

Associate's Degree:
The students enrol in this academic course after their secondary schooling and before their bachelor's course. It imparts knowledge and technical skill to the students, necessary to get an employment or for further studies.

It is also known as Bachelors degree. It is a four years course. The associate degree is cheaper than the bachelor degree. So, a large number of Americans go for 2 years of Associate degree followed by 2 years of the undergraduate degree.

Masters Degree:
In US the Master's Degree varies from 1.5 years to 2 years depending on the course of education.


Scholarships and Grants:

The universities of US are among the richest universities in the world. A student who is actually very good in academics and can be considered among meritorious students, then such students can get scholarships and Grants from the universities to fulfil their dreams, to propel their research or to support their education expenses.

There are two categories for scholarships in the US:

1. Those awarded by the universities.

2. Those awarded by different organizations. (Private or Public)

The chances of receiving scholarship increases as the level of educational course are higher. It will be comparatively easier to achieve scholarships for Masters Program than any other undergraduate or associate course. Along with brilliant academic performance, if one volunteers in social events or sports than they are also considered for the Grants and scholarships. Most universities have their scholarship fund (mostly financed by alumni contribution). Every university has their own policies to award grants and scholarships to the students.

OPT Program after study:

One can stay up to 2 months after completion of the degree unless applied for OPT program for approval of stay for a limited period. At times, foreign students are allowed to work during the course of study and even after graduation. However, until the individual has an F1 visa, they are not allowed to work off campus or they have to take permission for employment from USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services).


There are two slots of duration in which the major intakes for admissions in various universities takes place:

1. January - May
2. September – December


Below mentioned are the guidelines to help you crack these exams and get admissions in the university of your choice:

For Undergraduates: IELTS - minimum 6.0
TOEFL IBT - minimum 79
SAT - 1200 +
For Postgraduates: IELTS - 6.0 to 6.5
TOEFL IBT - minimum 90
GRE - 290 - 300
GMAT - 450 - 500

To get admissions in DDS, MD Medicine, Pharmacy and Law, a set examination needs to be given.


• Resume
• SOP (Statement of Purpose)
• LOR (Letter of Recommendation)
• All Academic Transcripts
• All Academic Mark sheets
• Work Experience Letters (If Applicable)
• Photo Copies of Passport
• WAS Education Documents (If Required by University)
• Certificate for Extracurricular Activities Mention in the Application Form


• All Academic Transcripts
• All Academic Mark sheets
• A Valid Passport
• Non Immigration Visa Application form DS-160.
• The Application fee Payment Receipt
• A Passport Size Photo (White Background)
• A Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigration (F-1) Student Status
• Form I-20.

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Decide the subject of interest.

Decide the place you would like to go

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Select the college/university and specialization subject of interest.

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The student visa or F1 visa is required for studying in the US. It is issued to students who aspire to register in college or university or in an English language course. One can apply for the F1 visa after obtaining Consignment letter, which confirms enrolment in the college/university.

Get the offer Letter

Pay the visa fees and SEVIS fees (Student and Exchange Visitor Information system.)

Followed the Visa Application form.

Book an appointment for the visa interview

Start preparations for the interview.

On clearing the interview, passport and all supporting visa documents are received after a few days.


Talking about the USA, it is no doubt one of the prime choices of any individual, whether it is for a better career, education or lifestyle. The USA tops the chart and no wonder the reasons are quite obvious; one of them being US universities are dominating the Rankings on a global level. With 31 universities getting an acclamation in the top 100 universities of the world and 28 institutions among global top 300, USA has gained recognition on the world map.

Being a student when it comes to choosing the right university/institution, it is always upto your choices and field of interest. You have to explore a lot but that needs to be done as it is going to shape your future. And of course, our team will always be there by your side to help you choose. We’ll be just a call away!

1. New York Institute of Technology
2. Troy University
3. University of Bridgeport
4. Wichita State University
5. University of Kansas Global
6. Louisiana State University Global
7. Auburn University Global
8. Adelphi University Global

There are also some universities in USA which are ranked number 1 among all the other universities of World. The list is below:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
2. Stanford University
3. Harvard University
4. University of Chicago
5. Cornell University
6. Yale University
7. Johns Hopkins University
8. Columbia University


depends on the selection of college, course, city, etc. Average tuition fees range from $10000 to $60000 per year.

also vary. It depends as to where one chooses to stay, on campus or off campus, the city of a living, the accommodation cost ranges from $2500 to $8000 per year.


• Computer Science | • Management | • Health Science | • Liberal Arts | • Pharmacy


Most of the foreign student prefer Florida, New York, and Boston to study and settle.


A beautiful city in the lap of nature. Beaches, parks, and nature give Florida, a scenic beauty. If an individual wants to connect with nature along with achieving career dreams then this is the best place to select.

New York:

Can also be said as a city of opportunities. There is unlimited opportunity to learn and enhance our knowledge. Most of the top colleges and universities are located in this city. Times Square, Wall Street, Central Park, are most famous and talked about the place of New York. It is a trade and commerce centre for most of the segments. It is a dream city for many people.


It can be considered as the intelligent city of US. Boston has been providing an excellent education to the student for decades together. It is like an unofficial student capital of the US. The most population of Boston is of the student, vibrant and energetic, full of life. It would definitely be fun studying and living with the same group people.


Every nation takes after an alternate arrangement of standards with regards to giving Permanent residency to thair country.

New Zealand